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Customer Reviews

While getting back in shape and I started taking Oxygen Max pills and it really helped out. I had a huge boost of energy and a noticeable increase in performance. I also appreciate that I didn't have a funny after taste after taking these pills. I highly enjoy them.

Dana Thomas

I'm a Strongman competitor and am always looking for an energy advantage. I took Oxygen Max before my last workout and I feel that it gave me a big boost in energy without giving me the jitters, and without a crash when it wore off. I have tried many different energy drinks and energy boosters and I think this was the best yet. I was able to PR my altas stone for reps! If you are an extreme athlete, this supplement is for you!


Worked great while trekking to Everest Base Camp, though I recommend switing to 3-4 capsules per dose if you are a bigger-bodied person like me. At least after 14,000 ft. Didn't get sick and really didn't train as hard as I should have for the trek. We were just about the only trekkers we encountered not on Diamox. Highly recommend.