About Us

At Hightly, we are dedicated to developing effective all natural sports supplements that deliver the performance you demand. We develop the sports nutrition supplements that are pH neutral and 100 percent stomach friendly. All our products are developed with sports enthusiasts and active people in mind. Our products have been researched and tested to be unique and effective.

No More Excuses

Hightly believes in consistently providing you with superior sports supplements. When we started the company, we were told that it will be almost impossible to create clean sports nutritional products that are effective, and affordable. But just like you, we are not quitters. We always knew that there were people who expected much more from the sports supplements than the artificial flavors and cheap ingredients. These are the people who are ready to invest in their health. We refused to accept the usual industry excuses and worked diligently with the formulators over the last seven years in order to develop products that we can be proud of.

We don’t make excuses for quality of ingredients; neither do we apologize for price.

Pushing Possibilities

Many manufacturers in the market are re-labeling their products with the clever marketing terminologies like “100% Natural,” “Healthier,” and “Clean” without changing the ingredients, we don’t. At Highty, we know that the educated and health conscious consumers of today will not settle for inferior products that are full of artificial chemicals and garbage. We continue to push the boundaries of sports nutrition by making our products with absolute transparency, making sure that what’s in our products is what we tell you it contains. We have really pushed the possibilities and have created products that you’ll want to use again and again.

Our Story

Hightly originally started when our Founder Adam Goodman would get Altitude Sickness traveling to Breckenridge skiing. Being a naturalist and health enthusiast, he sought out a natural remedy for this problem. At the time, 7 years ago no product existed and so his research began. After many prototypes, many discussions about ancient medicine, Oxygen Max was created. To this day Oxygen Max is the only supplement being researched and studied by a major university for its effectiveness and is being used to help create a pharmaceutical drug.

Hightly now has 2 products, Oxygen Max and Natural Recovery. Hightly regularly researches and tests new products, each product takes about 2 years to be market ready. Many products never make it with our increasingly high standards.