Adam’s Story

Founder Adam Goodman

Adam Goodman is the Founder, President and Ring Leader. Let’s be honest I wears a lot of hats.

Hightly’s Start

Hightly Products came to life 9 years ago all thanks to Oxygen Max.  I designed Oxygen Max because I used to get Altitude Sickness and was in need of something for my regular ski trips to Breckenridge. As a Florida native, my body could never acclimate to the high altitudes. So I set out to do what I do best, solve a health problem with a natural supplement. After months of research, conversations with sherpas in Nepal and 2 years of testing, Oxygen Max came to life.

Following the start Oxygen Max I quickly realized that I addressed a problem that could help others.

Years later I set out to address a problem I had after hiking 14ers, muscle aches. I did just that, and Natural Recovery was born, this was the moment when I realized I had a supplement company and it needed a name. Initially we started with the Health Max. Unfortunately, in 2015 we had a trademark complication and decided to change the name to Hightly.

The start of a Natural Lifestyle

My interest in supplements started at a very young age when I would sneak my dad’s naturalist bible for his bedside and research herbs, roots and extracts.

As a kid, I would refuse to take over the counter drugs or really anything from a Doctor. At around 14 years old I had some acne like every other 14 years old and turned the naturalist’s holy grail.

I created a concoction that I used every evening, and for whatever reason, I also concluded that onions were also causing me to break out.

Within days I cured my acne problem.

Inevitably I could diagnose myself for the rest of my life, and now Hightly exists.