As the clock rolls over, the feeling of frustration and anxiety can quickly rise if you've yet to roll over yourself. According to statistics, 75% of people experience sleep problems, and only 40% get the full 8 hours of sleep they need each night. With the demands on people in terms of productivity in these changing times, less sleep is the last thing we need.

A study conducted at Tel Aviv University's School of Psychological Sciences showed that just one hour less of sleep per night could alter your concentration and awareness by over 80%. Even more surprising, the experts involved in the study said that broken sleep is just as bad as not sleeping at all

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Sleep deprivation is no joke, as it's the number one cause of anxiety, depression, and even fender benders! If you’re one of the 75% percents that find their selves watching the clock as the hour's tick by, these sleep hacks can seriously alter your way of life and well-being.

5. No Texting and Dreaming

When it comes time to hit the sheets, take this pledge- no texting and dreaming! You may have heard once or twice before that electronics in the bedroom can disrupt your sleep, but not many people realize to what degree. There’s a few reasons why phones are a terrible bed companion. For one, you’re more likely to browse the web and chat if you have your smartphone nearby, which can lead to late nights and worsen your insomnia. Also, the light emitted from your cell phone reduces the level of melatonin naturally created by your brain, making it even harder to fall asleep. It’s recommended that you put your phone down an hour before bed, which will allow you enough time to unwind and relax before catching some zzz’s.

4. Pull out the bubbly

What better way to unwind after you put your cell phone away then in a nice relaxing and bubbly bath. While the bubbles aren’t necessary, a bath is not only said to be relaxing, but scientifically proven. Scientists aren’t sure of the exact reason for its success, but according to their studies, a bath not only helps you fall asleep faster, they have you stay asleep and sleep more deeply. It’s suspected that a bath works to mimic the temperature drop that occurs within your body just before you fall asleep, encouraging your body to go into sleep mode.

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3. Put on the red light

Flicking on the bedroom lights for just a few minutes before you climb into bed will completely reverse all the hard work your body has done to get you ready for a good night’s sleep. While you obviously need light to navigate around the room and get ready for a long nights sleep, experts recommended the use of red spectrum bulbs in the bedroom. These bulbs create a relaxing atmosphere by simulating the sunset, which helps keep your body’s internal clock in check without disrupting the “sleep-set” that’s taken over.

2. Stop indoor pollution

Noise pollution can disrupt even the soundest sleepers quality of sleep. While you may not realize it, your brain is listening to everything that’s going on around you while you sleep, and when you don’t have the right sleep sound atmosphere, it can take away from the overall quality of your sleep. Experts suggest using nature sounds and white noise machines to drown out the external noise, thus preventing noise pollution from disrupting your sleep or even worse, waking you up throughout the night.

1. Don’t forget the little guys

Comfort is key when it comes to a good night’s sleep. Many people pick out the perfect bedtime attire and set the stage for a comfy and relaxing night, yet they forget one of the most important parts of their body- their feet. Your feet and head regulate your body temperature, and the right temperature is crucial for a good night sleep. If you get too cold at night, wear a pair of socks, as this will help keep your body warmer. Likewise, if you tend to get warm during your sleeping hours, remove both your socks and blanket from your feet to keep things cool.

The sleep hacks listed may not seem like a big deal, but the difference they can make on your quality of sleep is unreal. Before popping an OTC or prescription medication in hopes to get some shut-eye, hack your sleep routine and experience the difference of a good nights sleep.