If you are a sports enthusiast, especially with the outdoor events, you would clearly remember August 1993, when the Chinese Olympic women`s running team broke 3 records at the World Tour Track and Field Championship in Germany. Breaking 3 records from a single team was an unusual event, and rumors of doping were quick to spread. However, the women`s team coach quickly denied all rumors and pointed to Cordyceps, which she had been giving to their runners regularly. So for the first time, cordyceps made international headlines for use in athletic performance.


What is Cordyceps?

Cordyceps, scientifically known as Cordyceps Sinensis is a type of fungus, or rather a type of mushroom species that lives on certain caterpillars in the Tibetan region of China. This fungus has an extensive list of health benefits.

How Does Cordyceps Boost Athletic Ability and Performance?

The drive to excel in performance has seen many sportsmen and women, including athletes, basketball players, bikers, and swimmers among others engage in illegal performance-boosting activities such as doping. The primary goal of doping is to boost the body`s testosterone level while decreasing inflammatory cortisol level.

Do you have to take unethical routes to perform athletically? Maybe there is there another way to boost your athletic performance, naturally, while still abiding by the rules of competition.

Certainly yes... Cordyceps Sinensis is the answer

If you are still wondering how a fungus living on the back of a caterpillar in China can help in boosting your athletic performance, then read on.

Increases Levels of ATP

ATP or rather Adenosine triphosphate is the source o energy in your body that keeps every function going on within the cells of your body. It's referred to as the biochemical method through which your body stores and utilizes energy.

Having plenty of ATP in your body allows athletes to engage in quick, and explosive movement, i.e. sprinting, and rapid cycling. If you are in a competitive sport such as cycling, you need bursts of energy to maintain a competitive advantage.

The use of Cordyceps supplement has proven to boost and significantly improve on how our bodies create ATP, a health benefit that could of critical value to athletes and cyclists.

Improve VO2 Max

ATP is synonymous with VO2 max. V02 Max is defined as the maximum rate of oxygen intake, which can be measured during an incremental and gradual exercise such as cycling. In other words, VO2 Max is a measure of aerobic and endurance capacity.

See, if you have a lower endurance capacity, you are more likely to run out of gas before finishing the game. Decreased endurance occurs especially in high-intense activities such as sprinting and running, which require maximum air intake and endurance.

Supplementing your diet with Cordyceps Sinensis may increase oxygen utilization within your body, which translates to heightened aerobic activity, ultimately allowing you to stay longer in a competitive sport.

Lowers Heart Rate

Lower heart rate translates to working out harder for more extended hours. Multiple research organizations have pointed out that Cordyceps can lower your heart rate. What`s more? Reducing the heart rate also translates to lowering the body temperatures and blood pressure, which is a fantastic benefit to athletes who have diabetes or battle high blood pressure.

Finally, supplementing using this magic mushroom has been shown to correct arrhythmia, which is the irregular heartbeat.

Overall, your body is going to be in safe hands if you decide to supplement your diet with Cordyceps.

Natural Aphrodisiac

Traditionally, mushrooms have been used to boost testosterone, boost libido, and improve on sexual performance, and Cordyceps is no difference. How they do this can also be vital in enhancing athletic performance.

The fungus is known to improve blood circulation throughout the body, allowing your cells to get sufficient of the oxygen, which is vital for both the physical and sexual health.

The abundance of oxygen in all parts and body cells not only improves on endurance, but lowers inflammation, and reduces fatigue, all the right reasons why athletes should take this supplement.

Improves on Stamina and Athletic Performance

Generally, Sinensis improves the overall performance of the sportsmen and even contributed to the wellness of the athletes. This mushroom is considered as an energizing adaptogen, which offers numerous benefits including preventing weakness and treating muscle aches.



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