For years, experts said we should avoid coffee because of the negative impact it has on your health. However, over the past few years, experts have finally discovered the truth about coffee and the many benefits it offers. For one, coffee is known to keep your brain healthy, make you exercise harder, and provides your body will some essential nutrients that it cannot get from alternative food sources.

The latest study published by researchers states that coffee may actually be vital in keeping Alzheimer's away, and you can even drink more than one cup. The study showed to be most effective at up to 5 cups per day, reducing the risk by 20 percent. By learning more about the connection between coffee and a reduction in Alzheimer's, you can feel great reaching for that second or even third cup each day.

Research findings

According to the information released, the caffeine in coffee is what works to help prevent this condition from occurring. Caffeine helps prevent two tangles within the brain, known for causing Alzheimer’s to form. They are known as amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles.

According to assistant professor in neuroepidemiology at Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam in the Netherlands, the findings of this study suggest that regular coffee, containing reasonable amounts of caffeine, can help prevent this condition at a strength of three to five cups. When that amount is drunk, the body receives enough caffeine to avoid the two hallmarks of Alzheimer's, listed in the ladder.

Brain Drinking Coffee

While caffeine is one element of coffee shown to prevent Alzheimer’s, there’s another beneficial substance as well. Polyphenols are present in coffee, thus making this form of caffeine the one that is effective towards preventing it.

These substances show to reduce inflammation within the brain, and also works to decrease deterioration in the brain, both which cause Alzheimer's.

Besides, they prevent these two things from occurring within the hippocampus and the cortex of the brain. These areas are responsible for memory, and when they are affected negatively, Alzheimer's occurs.

By preventing the adverse effects on the brain through the use of coffee, this condition has no way of forming.

Previous studies

While it has been shown in previous studies that just a small amount of coffee consumption could lower your risk of developing dementia, the benefit was diminished when a four-year follow-up occurred. This proves that to achieve maximum benefits, there must be at least three cups drank each day, with maximum benefits found at five cups. This information was offered from a study presented at the 2014 Alzheimer Europe Annual Congress in Glasgow, Britain.


Further studies will be done on this information, but even those who stayed away from coffee due to report on its adverse effects can benefit in one way from picking up the habit. As for those who felt guilty indulging in a second cup, feel free to go up to five cups a day, and know that you are doing something great for your brain health, that cannot be achieved through anything else.