The 7 Most Important Health Benefits of Hydration

Without doing the research or looking into yourself can you really know what your body is benefitting from by staying hydrated? Even if it is common knowledge that staying hydrated is apparently one of the fundamental ways to keep healthy by why exactly is that?

It might sound surprising but did you know that most people actually go through the day suffering from dehydration without even knowing about it. This can then lead to symptoms that many people don't realize are linked to the amount of water you consume.

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Leave the sugary drinks and caffeinated beverages behind and drink water consistently throughout the day to feel better and look better.

Our Top 7 Health Benefits From Staying Hydrated

  1. Stop Unwanted Weight - That is right, by drinking plenty of water it can actually help curb weight gain. Due to the fact water can boost your metabolism drinking water consistently helps fight against those hunger feelings during the day helping you to feel fuller. It is advised that the most beneficial times to drink water is 30 minutes before a meal. The body will feel more full then it actually is, leading you to eat fewer calories with your meal.
  2. Fight Fatigue With Hydration - You may be shocked to know but keeping your water levels at an improper balance can actually have considerable adverse effects on both your energy levels and overall mood. Considering your body is two-thirds water it should come as no surprise that if these levels were to drop so would your functionality. Studies show that mild dehydration can cause increased fatigue, mood issues, anger, and confusion. That is why water is one of the best natural sources of energy for the human body. Staying hydrated can also contribute to well rested nights sleep to replenish those energy levels.
  3. Help Your Body With Joint Repair - Our bodies cartilage contains high levels of water, and when the body is dehydrated this can make you feel as though your joints have stiffened. Because of this, you are creating extra stress on your joints that is just needed, staying hydrated can speed up the repair to the cartilage and therefore better mobility and less joint problems in the future.
  4. Improve Bladder And Kidney Functions - Honestly, this is probably one of the most common knowledge facts regarding staying hydrated. People that have suffered in the past will tell you that replenishing their water levels and keeping on top of hydration has solved their issues. Both this incredibly essential organs need water to function correctly, due to their nature of having to deal with the number of stored toxins and body waste without the proper water levels can increase the risk of infections or kidney stones because they are not working to full efficiency.
  5. Look Younger And Reduce Skin Irritations - Now this definitely a benefit all of us would love if you allow your body to run into dehydration your skin itself naturally becomes less elastic and drier this can then cause the perfect breeding ground for impurities and toxins causing things like blackheads, acne, and blotchiness. So by drinking plenty of water helps to rejuvenate skin cells and keep the skin looking clear, minimizing the lines of wisdom we have built up over the years. Also try adding citrus fruits into the mix, with their high levels of Vitamin C and the fact they are plump full of water is another way to help get that skin to glow.
  6. Help Eliminate Digestion Woes - Well this is probably not a topic you would usually bring up among friends, but water seriously helps to dilute waste and get rid of the toxins. The combination of both your water and fiber is what builds up your stool, and if your hydration isn't on point, then this can lead to irregular and hard to pass stools. By merely staying hydrated helps your gastric track remain bright and clean of wasted toxins and makes life a lot easier for yourself when visiting the bathroom. It can also help aid relief if you suffer from bloating, acid reflux or even IBS.
  7. Strengthen Muscles - If you are a frequent gym goer or even an athlete you know how important your water consumption is to keep your muscles relaxed and healthy even when pushing them to there boundaries. Drinking plenty of water throughout your routines can seriously help replenish those lost electrolytes meaning your muscles can perform longer and stay stronger. Remember there is no issue in over hydrating as it is only going to benefit the rest of the body and work its way out anyway.
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So How Much Water Should I Be Drinking?

Honestly, there is no set amount for everyone as everybody is different. The current rule of thumb is to try and drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses (the 8x8 rule). The best suggestions and way I live by is to consume 1 liter of water when I wake up gives me a natural energy boost that you don't get from caffeinated drinks. Carried on by a large glass 30 minutes before every meal and sips of water whenever I feel a little hungry to curb those cravings. Ending the day with another liter before going to sleep.

I hope you read some of these benefits and think to yourself to at least give it a shot to help improve your overall health. I was surprised when I first started. However, I have been doing it for several months and have never felt or looked this great.