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Joint Health
  • Fight Joint Pain

  • Natural Ingredients

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How it works

  • Hightly Joint health is designed to decrease joint pain, stiffness and increase joint health.*

  • It's natural ingredients help by decreasing joint inflammation.*

  • Lubricate your joints with our proprietary MSM and Glucosamine formula.* 

  • Help strengthen and build overall bone health.*

Real natural ingredients

The Hightly proprietary joint formula contains over 14 beneficial and crucial ingredients. Unlike NO other joint supplement formula, Hightly Joint Health only contains NON Animal based ingredients. 


FruiteX-B® is a patented complex created to improve joint comfort. In a 90 day Clinical trial it provided significant relief in joint comfort.

Glucosamine & MSM

MSM and Glucosamine are two very important ingredients used daily to help with arthritis and joint pain. Both have have been scientifically tested to show its effectiveness. 

Turmeric Root

Turmeric Root is a natural effective anti-inflammatory. It shares properties with a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs(NSAID) without the same side effects.


How long does it take to start feeling the effect of the tablets?

Though many may see positive effects within a few hours. Since is not a prescription drug, most won't start seeing effects for 3-4 weeks.

Can this be used along with Tylenol or as a substitute for Tylenol?

Hightly Joint Health is not a substitue for Tylenol. Tylenol also known as acetaminophen is a well known pain reliever. Joint Health has been designed to support overall health of the joints. By boosting joint health, many will see relief in pain caused by the joint.

What country is this manufactured in?

All Hightly supplement health products are manufactured in the US.

Will this help my arthritis?

It has been show that boosting the overall health of your joints will in return alleviate common issues may see with arthritis. 

How many pills are in a bottle?

Our bottles contain 60 veggie capsules in them, which is good for a 1 month supply.

How does this compare to other products and why is it more expensive?

Our formula is a proprietary blend of 14 crucial ingredients that have independently been tested and shown to be extremely effective and key to joint health. Our ingredients are also NON-animal based, which are more expensive and hard to come by. Your health is important to us, and because of this, we will only use the best ingredients available to us. It is our business model not to sacrifice quality for cost.

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