The 6 Most Important Natural Tips For a Healthy Life

Doesn’t everyone want to live a happy and healthy life? The healthy life experience is characterized by being physically fit, disease-free and stable state of mind. However, achieving all these goals requires some severe actions. Most people have tried to invest in all sorts of equipment and drugs to stay healthy. Did you know there are many natural ways of staying healthy? With natural methods, you won’t have to buy any medication. Here are the six most critical natural tips for a healthy and happy life.

  1. Eat Organic Foods
    To keep up with the demand and rake in huge profits, most farmers are growing genetically modified produce. The tasteless fruits and vegetables that you have been consuming are not organic. Such farm produces grown in greenhouses where they are exposed to all forms of pesticides and other chemicals. This problem is also experienced on animal products. Your favorite beef or chicken could be a product of genetic modification. Some animals are even injected with growth boosters so that they can produce more products within a short time. By consuming these foods, you will be exposing yourself to dangerous carcinogenic chemicals.

Instead of consuming all these dangerous foods, restrict yourself to organic foods. They are free of all types of chemicals. Organic food is always fresh because it does not have any elements of preservatives. By eating organically raised animals, you will be safe from contracting mad cow disease. This is a health disorder that is caused by consuming antibiotics and growth hormones that were used on animals. Most organic foods are more nutritious than the enhanced ones. For instance, a study found out that the level of nutrients critical nutrients in organic meat is 50% higher than in conventionally raised breeds.

  1. Drink Water and Process Your Juice
    We cannot underscore the importance of keeping your body hydrated. One natural way of staying healthy is by drinking at least eight glasses of alkaline water in a day. You don’t have to spend money on over priced bottled water. Ordinary tap water is enough to keep you healthy. You only need to ensure that the water is clean and does not contain disease-causing organisms. Most health experts recommend that you should use alkaline water. This is because it is capable of improving the body’s immune system. A study also found that the bodies of most cancer patients tend to be acidic.

Another way of hydrating your body is by drinking fruit juices. They contain a significant percentage of water which can help to keep your body fresh. However, do not grab any fruit juice that you come across. Some can cause more harm than good on your body. Some packaged fruit juices contain high levels of sugar and taking them can make you obese. Most of them contain preservatives which can harm your body in one way or another. The safest way is to process the juice on your own.

  1. Healthy Food Preparation Methods
    Even if you manage to get the healthiest foods on the planet, all will go to waste if you use unhealthy food preparation methods. How you prepare food will determine whether you will be able to get essential nutrients from or not. Although some techniques are meant to make the food tastier, they can kill the nutrients hence making the menu to have minimal benefits to the body.

The slightest exposure to heat can easily damage some essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. For such foods, it is always advisable to eat them raw. There are many healthy ways of preparing food, and one of them is using a microwave. Contrary to popular belief, microwaving some foods such as vegetables helps to preserve their nutrients. This possible because there is no water involved when microwaving the food. Hot water can damage most nutrients such as vitamins B and C.

Other dry cooking methods that you can help to retain the nutrient content in your food include grilling, steaming, stir-frying and roasting.

  1. Meditation and Yoga
    You should focus on being healthy both physically and mentally. To achieve a healthy state of mind, you should consider practicing meditation. It has a direct impact on the state of mind and the body as a whole. Meditation helps to reduce the stress levels, improves your self-esteem, boost your concentration levels, slows down the aging and improves your immune system.

On the other hand, there are several benefits that you can get from practicing yoga. It increases your flexibility, strengthens the muscles, cuts down weight, improves stability and strengthens the skeletal system. You should practice yoga and meditation on a regular basis to derive their full benefits.

  1. Use Holistic Medications
    You don’t have to rush to the hospital for every disease that attacks you. Try to embrace some natural alternatives to medicines. A healthy diet can also keep various diseases away. You can treat common cold and flu by taking ginger and garlic. Many natural supplements can perform the work of conventional medicines. Some methods such as sensual massage and aromatherapy can get rid of some health and mental disorder such as depression, anxiety, and even arthritis. The natural treatments protect you from adverse side effects of using conventional medicines.
  2. Spend Time Outdoors
    Spend some time with outdoors and explore your surroundings. Nature has many things to offer, and one of them is fresh air. This will refresh your mind and brighten your moods. Being outdoors can also help to eradicate some allergies. By being exposed to the sun, you will get vitamin D which plays a critical role in strengthening bones and teeth. Taking a walk in the streets or going for a hike helps to keep you physically fit. The result is a healthy body and soul. While outside you will have a chance to interact with different people. This can get rid of boredom and loneliness.

You don’t have to swallow hundreds of medicines or go for painful, invasive surgeries to stay healthy. You need to follow the above natural tips. They are cost- in a friendly way and effective in keeping you healthy.

The 7 Most Important Health Benefits of Hydration

lime water

Without doing the research or looking into yourself can you really know what your body is benefitting from by staying hydrated? Even if it is common knowledge that staying hydrated is apparently one of the fundamental ways to keep healthy by why exactly is that?

It might sound surprising but did you know that most people actually go through the day suffering from dehydration without even knowing about it. This can then lead to symptoms that many people don’t realize are linked to the amount of water you consume.

sugar drinks

Leave the sugary drinks and caffeinated beverages behind and drink water consistently throughout the day to feel better and look better.

Our Top 7 Health Benefits From Staying Hydrated

  1. Stop Unwanted Weight – That is right, by drinking plenty of water it can actually help curb weight gain. Due to the fact water can boost your metabolism drinking water consistently helps fight against those hunger feelings during the day helping you to feel fuller. It is advised that the most beneficial times to drink water is 30 minutes before a meal. The body will feel more full then it actually is, leading you to eat fewer calories with your meal.
  2. Fight Fatigue With Hydration – You may be shocked to know but keeping your water levels at an improper balance can actually have considerable adverse effects on both your energy levels and overall mood. Considering your body is two-thirds water it should come as no surprise that if these levels were to drop so would your functionality. Studies show that mild dehydration can cause increased fatigue, mood issues, anger, and confusion. That is why water is one of the best natural sources of energy for the human body. Staying hydrated can also contribute to well rested nights sleep to replenish those energy levels.
  3. Help Your Body With Joint Repair – Our bodies cartilage contains high levels of water, and when the body is dehydrated this can make you feel as though your joints have stiffened. Because of this, you are creating extra stress on your joints that is just needed, staying hydrated can speed up the repair to the cartilage and therefore better mobility and less joint problems in the future.
  4. Improve Bladder And Kidney Functions – Honestly, this is probably one of the most common knowledge facts regarding staying hydrated. People that have suffered in the past will tell you that replenishing their water levels and keeping on top of hydration has solved their issues. Both this incredibly essential organs need water to function correctly, due to their nature of having to deal with the number of stored toxins and body waste without the proper water levels can increase the risk of infections or kidney stones because they are not working to full efficiency.
  5. Look Younger And Reduce Skin Irritations – Now this definitely a benefit all of us would love if you allow your body to run into dehydration your skin itself naturally becomes less elastic and drier this can then cause the perfect breeding ground for impurities and toxins causing things like blackheads, acne, and blotchiness. So by drinking plenty of water helps to rejuvenate skin cells and keep the skin looking clear, minimizing the lines of wisdom we have built up over the years. Also try adding citrus fruits into the mix, with their high levels of Vitamin C and the fact they are plump full of water is another way to help get that skin to glow.
  6. Help Eliminate Digestion Woes – Well this is probably not a topic you would usually bring up among friends, but water seriously helps to dilute waste and get rid of the toxins. The combination of both your water and fiber is what builds up your stool, and if your hydration isn’t on point, then this can lead to irregular and hard to pass stools. By merely staying hydrated helps your gastric track remain bright and clean of wasted toxins and makes life a lot easier for yourself when visiting the bathroom. It can also help aid relief if you suffer from bloating, acid reflux or even IBS.
  7. Strengthen Muscles – If you are a frequent gym goer or even an athlete you know how important your water consumption is to keep your muscles relaxed and healthy even when pushing them to there boundaries. Drinking plenty of water throughout your routines can seriously help replenish those lost electrolytes meaning your muscles can perform longer and stay stronger. Remember there is no issue in over hydrating as it is only going to benefit the rest of the body and work its way out anyway.
water in mason jar

So How Much Water Should I Be Drinking?

Honestly, there is no set amount for everyone as everybody is different. The current rule of thumb is to try and drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses (the 8×8 rule). The best suggestions and way I live by is to consume 1 liter of water when I wake up gives me a natural energy boost that you don’t get from caffeinated drinks. Carried on by a large glass 30 minutes before every meal and sips of water whenever I feel a little hungry to curb those cravings. Ending the day with another liter before going to sleep.

I hope you read some of these benefits and think to yourself to at least give it a shot to help improve your overall health. I was surprised when I first started. However, I have been doing it for several months and have never felt or looked this great.


Top Supplement Ingredient for ATP Production

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the fuel that drives human existence. Whether it is a leisurely stroll to your local flea market or a grueling workout at the gym, the human body produces energy in the form of ATP to ensure your muscles can accomplish the task. However, on occasion, people may need to supplement this energy thereby necessitating the emergence of different substances through which the body can increase its ATP levels. Popularized supplements such as Creatine may be lauded in the market today, but one of the top ATP producing substances is actually a relatively different fungus known as Cordyceps Sinensis.

Although the fungus only found prominence in the last few decades, it has long been a staple in Chinese culture to rejuvenate fatigued persons and treat a variety of ailments. Its emergence in Traditional Chinese Medicine can be traced back to its point of origin in the Himalayas where grazing livestock would be seen to grow considerably stronger after consuming it.

Cordyceps Sinensis develops as a parasite on caterpillars. Upon emergence as a small spore, it is relatively harmless, but over time, the fungus essentially takes over its host’s body, mummifying and consuming the caterpillar to further its development. It then grows considerably long and can be described as an orange finger-like organism.

Medically, the fungus has been touted as a premier supplement that:
•Improves stamina and increases the body’s performance levels.
•Enhances liver function and facilitates detoxification.
•Combats respiratory ailments.
•Prevents diabetes.
•Combats infertility while enhancing sexual performance.
•Aids in fighting the aging process.

The ATP production capabilities aligned with Cordyceps Sinensis can be substantiated by its constituent elements. Researchers deduced three substances, sterols, polysaccharides, and nucleosides, all of which have vital roles to play in the fungus’ energy generation tasks. Sterols are mainly responsible for the reduction of body cholesterol levels thereby enhancing cardiovascular function. On the other hand, polysaccharides are complex carbohydrates that work to stimulate the immune system while also providing additional energy to the body. Nucleosides are essential in the formation of DNA and RNA. Cordyceps Sinensis also dilates respiratory airways resulting in a higher oxygen capacity. Consequently, each cell is able to produce more energy for bodily functions.

When contrasted with modern day pharmaceutical supplements, Cordyceps Sinensis is regarded as a safer alternative. Its organic nature places it above chemically concocted substances when it comes to any possible side effects. Despite this, it is advisable that pregnant and lactating women do not partake in it seeing as it may affect young children. Also, persons with autoimmune diseases such as lupus or arthritis are discouraged from using the fungal extract since it may worsen their condition.

The recommended dosage of the fungal extract is highly dependent on a person’s desired targets. While some take it just to boost their stamina for day-to-day activities, fitness aficionados may require higher doses for their strenuous fitness routines. Despite these variant needs, it is recommended that each person should only take between 2 to 5 grams of Cordyceps Sinensis. Ideally, pharmaceutical companies that have churned out pills advise users on the required dosages for optimal effect.

The use of Cordyceps Sinensis has been globally accepted despite minor complaints from staunch environmentalists. In their eyes, the increased harvesting of the fungus will eventually alter the ecological balance and, after a while, result in the extinction of the species. These fears have been assuaged by the manual cultivation of the substance in areas aside from its Himalayan habitat. On top of that, other Cordyceps species such as the Cordyceps Militaris has reduced the focus on the formerly over cultivated Sinensis.

All in all, despite the numerous alternatives available for incrementing ATP production, Cordyceps Sinensis still manages to stand out. Its somewhat understated history in Traditional Chinese Medicine vouched for its efficiency and modern day trials have also revealed how beneficial it could be to the human body. It may be touted as an energy supplement, but further research has shown its numerous benefits and curative possibilities. Without any potential side effects, it begs the question, who wouldn’t want that extra jolt of energy to go through a stressful day? I know I would.


10 Supplements to Greatly Boost Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a hormone that is often misunderstood. Women don’t always realize the impact it has on their own bodies. Men don’t always know the full scope of the benefits on their own bodies. This is more than just a sex hormone. Yes, testosterone deficiencies have strong links to erectile dysfunction and poor libido in men. However, low levels may also affect weight, muscle mass, growth in teenagers and fatigue. This link to muscle mass explains the popularity of testosterone products in the bodybuilding world. Testosterone levels naturally decrease with age. Therefore, supplementation can benefit men of different ages for different reasons.

There are lots of reasons to turn to testosterone products to boost low levels. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about doing so. A lot of supplements exist on the market with the purpose of boosting testosterone. But, some of these products have questionable formulas. To get the results you need, it is important to know what you take. That is why natural solutions are the best approach. There are no hidden chemicals that could lead to some nasty side effects.

10 natural substances that can help you boost testosterone levels with ease.

The following 10 substances are great dietary aids for testosterone supplementation. Many people experienced in bodybuilding suggest the following cycle to improve testosterone levels: workout hard, recover well, eat the right food, get plenty of sleep and repeat. Keeping a proper diet is an essential part of this cycle. Therefore, those with deficiencies can use the following in their diet or as additional supplements.

1) Cordyceps Sinensis

The first substance in this list is perhaps the strangest of them all. There are lots of plant extracts and minerals in this guide that are pretty familiar to many consumers. Consumers may be less inclined to try Cordyceps Sinensis once they find that it is a fungus. However, there is an exciting new trend towards this performance enhancing mushroom. A Finnish brand uses this mushroom in a new form of performance drink. Others create more familiar capsules for natural supplementation.

The science surrounding this fungus and testosterone is still pretty new. Some researchers aren’t convinced about the potential on hormone levels. Others have seen significant increases in their rodent test subjects. There is still work to do here, but the oddity of the substances adds to its appeal.

2) Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is one of those botanical substances that has many potential properties. Brands like to add this herb to health care products and drinks to enhance their properties. The main impact of this plant extract is to increase blood flow. This is why it is such a popular choice for a wide range of health issues. This effect also means that ginkgo supplements have the potential for both male and female libido issues.

As for testosterone levels, there are some studies into the effect of Gingko on hormone levels in rats. As you will see with other studies, rats are a common substitute for human subjects. Results in these cases aren’t ideal, but give an indication on how the extracts work. These studies do show an increase in testosterone production, which raises questions about human supplementation. This option isn’t as potent as some other in this list. Still, the broader health benefits make it one to look out for.

3) Tribulus Terrestris

This herb is one that might not be immediately familiar to readers but is actually part of many male enhancement products. The substance originates in forests near the Himalayan mountains in India and Burma. Like another herb mentioned below, health care providers have revered its properties for centuries. The idea is that this herb is pretty advantageous for the whole genital region. Users take the substance to increase their libido, but also to aid urinary tract infections.

A 90-day study with men with erectile dysfunction looked at the impact of Tribulus Terrestris on improving the problem. The results showed an increase in testosterone levels of around 16%. This might not be a massive increase compared to some supplements, but it is part of a more comprehensive package. Therefore, this herb is still recommended to many dealing with sexual performance issues.

4) Fenugreek

Fenugreek is a word increasingly common in guides on natural substance for improved health. This one is popular for many situations and is widely celebrated for its potency. Like many of the supplements in this list, it isn’t too complicated to find suitable products for daily use.

Men with sexual performance issues and/or bodybuilding needs will appreciate the complexity of the supplement. There are many studies on the effects of fenugreek on male testosterone production that see increases in the hormone and its impact. One such study measured a series of the impact on a group of male participants. They found that 81% of the group experienced an increased libido. 66% saw improvements in their sexual performance. 55% saw an improvement in their general well-being and as many as 81% increased their energy levels. This means significant gains in critical areas of the study.

5) D-Aspartic Acid

The name D-aspartic acid doesn’t seem like one associated with a natural supplement. Buyers searching for the best products may assume that this is some man-made synthetic. In fact, this is an amino acid that is crucial in the regulation and synthesis of testosterone. In other words, it is impossible to enjoy a healthy level of testosterone, and its benefits, without the right amount of this acid. Regular supplementation with D-AA products should help to regulate the system and set off the proper chain reaction.

It seems that just 12 days of D-aspartic acid supplementation can increase luteinizing hormones and testosterone production. This means users gain a fast-acting solution with numerous benefits. One 90-day study looked at the impact of D-aspartic acid on men with impaired sperm production. Over that period, many saw their sperm count double. As with many of the options here, this supplement is beneficial for low testosterone and impaired sexual function but doesn’t help those with normal testosterone levels.

6) Zinc

Zinc in your diet is an essential supplement to your diet. It is possible to get the right amount of zinc per day with a proper diet or basic multivitamin your capsules. However, many people are deficient due to modern lifestyles. Caffeine and alcohol can decrease levels of zinc in the body. This can lead to severe issues such as impotence and hypergonadism. Zinc supplementation is natural due to the availability of products.

Studies into the impact of zinc on the body are favorable. Those with deficiencies can see a reversal of the situation and improved sperm counts with regular use of the supplement. There is also the notion that zinc can also help wrestlers enhance their regimes and overcome a decline in the hormone in later years.

7) Ashwagandha

This option might be a little less well known to gym users compared to some necessary vitamins and minerals. Ashwagandha comes from India and is an integral part of alternative medicine there. The herb is useful in its own right. But, companies now create concentrated capsules from the root for a more potent aid.

Indian healthcare providers see great potential in ashwagandha because it has multiple health benefits for users. Some use it as a form of anxiety relief, but there is also great potential for fertility. Advocates for this herb talk about the increase in testosterone levels and the effects on sperm production. In fact, there are also links between ashwagandha use in men and increase rates of pregnancy. This may be the main advantage of this substance, but the potency also means that it can help with performance in the gym.

8) Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin, not just those struggling with testosterone issues. A large percentage of the population is actually Vitamin D deficient. We just don’t spend as much time outdoors in the sunshine as we should. Shift work, poorly lit offices and other lifestyle changes limit exposure. This lack of sunlight can then have an impact on hormone levels, physical health and mental well-being. Daily supplementation is a good step towards improvements.

Testosterone is one of the hormones affected by this drop is Vitamin D. Improved supplementation can help to minimize a decline. A 2009 study by E. Wehr and associates looked at the impact of the vitamin on a group of 65 men over a year-long period. Half took a daily dose of 3,300 IU and saw an increase in testosterone production of around 20%. This is a significant shift and shows that this essential vitamin could be surprisingly advantageous for men’s health and fitness.

9) Ginger 

Ginger is an excellent choice as a supplement for testosterone production. Not only are there great studies promoting its numerous health benefits, but there are also plenty of ways to use ginger. Unfortunately, most of the reviews on the impact of ginger apply to rodent test subjects, not human. But there are high expectations of similar results with human physiology. There is also a human study where 75 infertile men received a ginger supplement each day. Within three months, the group saw, on average, a 17% increase in testosterone.

Part of the appeal of ginger is that users don’t have to use specific supplements to enjoy the benefits. It is easy to enjoy ginger as part of a healthy diet. There are lots of beneficial drinks like teas and kombucha with ginger contents. Asian cuisine also makes good use of ginger and other vital ingredients for health and well-being.

10) DHEA

This final option is one to consider with a little caution. DHEA is a standard tool in the fight against testosterone production. DHEA is a naturally occurring substance with high potential for improved health. In fact, dehydroepiandrosterone – as it is also known – as a hormone produced in the adrenal gland. Studies have shown that there is the potential for an increase in testosterone production with regular supplementation. However, there is variation in the percentage increase and the amount required.

This variation means that users need to be careful with their dosages and consult health care advisers. DHEA supplementation for testosterone deficiency is also banned in some professional circuits. Therefore, everyday gym users may benefit, but bodybuilder and athletes may need to look elsewhere. Luckily there are all those other options above that can help.

Whatever the method, it is essential to choose the right products.

There are lots of supplements and products around that aim to appeal to different users. Some are 100% natural, pure source of the specific substance. Others may be more general male enhancement supplements with the various ingredient. It is essential to read the ingredients list and figures on the label before buying a product. The more you know about a product before you buy it, the better your understanding and potential gains. It may also help to read user reviews of products to get an idea of the speed of results and any side effects.

Natural supplementation is the healthiest, most logical approach for any looking to increase testosterone.

Steroids, whether legal or not, are an extreme way to build mass and tone in a quick fix. There is no need to turn to these products and risk your health when there are so many natural alternatives. The options above are all safer alternatives with significant health benefits. Some may carry a few side effect risks, and it is always essential to use the correct dosage. Also, users should talk to health care providers and dietitians before taking new supplements. Consider your options, try a natural approach and enjoy a better journey to the body you want.

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The 10 best power foods for building muscle mass

The right foods can help build muscle:
Not all foods participate in fat loss and making a lean muscle mass for you. Fruits, Vegetables, Protein, Carbohydrates, and Healthy Fats can help. Each of these foods has a role to play in the building and maintenance of a lean body mass.

1. Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are essential to your workouts. They are rich in vitamins and minerals. These nutritious aspects play a role in recovery especially after doing exercises which will become a part of the routine for losing muscle mass.

2. Protein

The essential functions of proteins are bodybuilding and maintenance of muscle. But due to its thermic effect, it contributes to loss of fat in the body. Protein is more effective than carbs and fats due to the thermic effect being higher.

3. Carbohydrates

Carbs act as fuel for your muscles and come in handy especially in workouts. They give you the energy to accomplish the tasks at hand in the gym.

4. Fats

If you fail to consume fat, your body will reserve fats more as compared to when you drink the fats. These fats that will be consumed however need to be healthy fats as processed fats contain hydrogenated fats which contribute to the accumulation of Trans fats.

The above categories are in general terms, and there are specific foods that will fall in either of the groups and will perform the task very well.


The ten best power foods to build lean muscle mass are as follows:

1. Fruits

As noted earlier, various fruits are competent in minerals and vitamins that will help in recovery after working out, thus fat loss and in the long run to build a lean muscle mass. Fruits alongside vegetables are rich sources of fiber. Fiber helps in digestion and the feeling of satiety where you will consume less to help you maintain the lean muscle mass you will have acquired. The following fruits are examples that are rich in the minerals and vitamins and ones you should start on consumption.


Oranges are rich in vitamin C and Magnesium. Vitamin C helps in the maintenance of body health by fighting off diseases and does this by contributing to the strength of your immune system. Magnesium, on the other hand, keeps your blood pressure at a minimum among other variables of the body among them, anti-oxidants beta-carotenes. However, not all sources of oranges will help in this quest. Orange juice, for instance, contains high amounts of added sugar. These added sugars, in turn, are rich in fructose which is a significant contributor to the unhealthy trans fats.

It is thus safer to blend your juice.


Among the perks of consumption of fruits, is its ease of digestibility. Its fructose content is low despite being quite succulent and sweet. It contains nutrients that are competent in building and maintenance of a lean body mass.
These include:

Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Potassium, Magnesium, Fiber


For the doctor to be away, consume an apple for one day. However, its functions go beyond this to helping in building and maintaining a lean body mass. This is because of the Polyphenols. These are micronutrients that play a role in the proper functioning of cells and maintenance of a healthy cardiovascular behavior. It also contains pectin that brings about the feelings of satiety. Satiety is a method of maintaining a lean muscle mass.

However, you should choose organic ones due to the high amount of pesticide contamination.

2. Almonds

Alpha-tocopherol is a rich source of Vitamin E. This component is present in large amounts in almond nuts. This component’s absorption rate into the body is high. When absorbed like most Vitamin E sources, they prevent radical damage from meeting your muscles. One study that was published by The Journal of the American Medical Association showed a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease among men who consumed Vitamin E products in plenty. Toronto University, on the other hand, proved that almonds do not contribute to weight gain.

A handful of Almonds is quite rich in protein even more abundant than an egg. Protein is a resource that performs excellently towards bodybuilding. Almonds moreover contain healthy and unsaturated fats and they are competent sources of energy even during workouts.

Almonds are rich in nutrients even including minerals like calcium and magnesium and extend their purpose beyond building a lean body mass to other health benefits.

3. Beef

Beef is a competent protein as it contains all the nine amino acids in a complete protein. Protein is responsible for building muscle mass in your body. Lean Beef especially is synthetic to the growth of muscles due to its nutritional components. It contains iron, the Vitamin B categories, and zinc. Lean beef of three ounces is equal to a cup and half of beans regarding protein content. However, its calorie content is half that of grains.

During consumption, however, you should try to reduce your consumption of sauces and seasoning, especially when making steaks. Reducing these salt filled sauces will help you reach your goal faster. Surround your beef diet with plant-based diets like using whole grain buns for the burgers.

Surrounding with a plant-based diet will not only create a balanced diet but will also reduce on the levels of unhealthy fats in your body which in the long run lead to a healthier life.

4. Protein Shake

Some protein performs the task of building a lean muscle mass better than others in the same group. The effectiveness of a protein is measured by the rate of absorption and utilization in the body.

These are summed up as the biological value of the protein. A protein shake will contain protein supplements like whey protein, and they all have their contribution to the body and maintenance of a lean muscle mass.

Whey Protein

An amino acid called leucine is present in whey protein. It is a branch-chain amino acid, and this class of amino acids is essential in the process of building muscles.

Whey proteins, however, differ about their biological value. Thus your doctor would be a great consultant as to which whey protein to consume.

Pea Protein

Among the advantages of pea protein is building a lean muscle mass, recovering faster especially in workouts and reaching your goals more quickly. Pea proteins are derived from peas and are a competent source of proteins. It has essential amino acids like leucine and lysine. Moreover, it is easily digestible and is absorbed into the body quite fast to perform protein synthesis.

5. Hemp Seed

Hemp is another word for sativa, and the seeds are an excellent source of protein as they contain complete amino acids.

Hemp is however not marijuana and does not have any effect in your sobriety. They are derived from the same plant, but marijuana contains THC, the component responsible for getting someone ‘high.’ Hemp does not have sobriety effects on the body.

Hemp seeds contain and are an excellent source of :

  • omega three fatty acids that are healthy
  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • fiber

It is an attractive alternative to those on a vegetarian diet. It is however low in lysine and leucine, and thus it participates very slowly in the synthesis of the protein which in turn leads to a leaner body mass.

6. Quinoa

This is another source of all the nine amino acids that are needed in your body to build muscle mass.

In the case of a vegetarian and a vegan, it acts as a good protein source and surpasses oatmeal and rice in a vegan or vegetarian diet. Moreover, compared to the two, it is not only tastier but is also a more competent source of fiber and is also free of gluten.

Quinoa is abundant in the following nutrients in the body:

  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Magnesium

This South American grain can be consumed for recovery after workouts with diets of meat or spinach in the case of vegans. The whiter quinoa is of better quality.

7. Spinach

This vegetable is considered an alkaline food. Spinach works on maintenance and gaining of muscles.

It prevents the loss of muscles in the body and also plays a role in support of the bones due to the calcium content present. Spinach is highly nutritious, and consumption of spinach can prevent diseases like heart disease and cancer.

The iron, calcium, and nitrates present in spinach help in the growth, maintenance, and recovery of muscle mass.
It is advisable that you consume fresh leaves of spinach rather than the processed and canned spinach which may not contain all the essential nutrients.

8. Eggs

Eggs have the highest rating in the biological value regarding protein content measurement. It is thus taken to be the most competitive source of protein for your muscles.

Vitamin B12 is essential for breaking down fat and the contraction of muscles to make them leaner. Egg yolks contain a healthy amount of Vitamin B12, people tend to avoid the yolk however because the content of cholesterol and fat is quite high.

This cholesterol is however dietary and cannot be chained to the blood cholesterol which has serious adverse effects.

However, the yolk also contains half of the protein content and healthy fats which will contribute to reducing the content of harmful fats in your body.

9. Fish

Fish are a rich source of protein, and they also contain omega three fatty acids in high amounts. The fatty acids contribute to weight loss in the body. Moreover, they help oversee the performance of the processes carried out by the body.

An example is a metabolism. The following types of fish are among the most competent in building a lean muscle mass in the species:


You can get either wild, or salmon bred in a fish farm. The wild salmon, however, is the most recommended as it is not produced on just grains and is thus rich in omega 3. The fish farmed Salmon hardly contain omega three fatty acids due to its diet.


Tuna also has the same benefits regarding protein and omega three fatty acids. Tuna that has been canned in water is the best. It provides healthy unsaturated fats that do not contribute to weight gain. Tuna raised in a fish farm, however, poses a risk of mercury poisoning. It should thus be consumed sparingly and after long intervals.

Frying fish is not recommended due to the prescience of unhealthy fats, and the nutrients will also be reduced, and thus it will not be able to perform the functions for a leaner muscle mass.

You should either roast it or sauté it with vegetables.

10. Peanut butter

Natural Peanut butter is an excellent source of protein and healthy fats. The healthy fats are called monounsaturated fats. They are fats that are heart-healthy because they are not stored in the body in the form of fats.

The protein in peanut butter will not only help in building muscle mass but will also assist in the process of recovery of muscles, especially after a workout. Moreover, peanut butter is a source of calories. These calories will help provide for your energy needs especially when participating in exercises.

Moreover, vegetarians can assimilate them into their diet as a replacement for meat foods.

Most products that will help in a leaner muscle mass are either protein affiliated as it is the primary nutrient that helps with bodybuilding or with fruits, vegetables, and grains. It is however advised to steer clear of processed foods due to the unhealthy fats that they contain on top of being deficient of the nutrients and minerals present in the organic sources of the meals.

Meats should be consumed in moderation for better heart health. With these foods incorporated in various recipes, you should be able to achieve a lean muscle mass, but a diet schedule should be established to create a balance in consumption.