The 6 Most Important Natural Tips For a Healthy Life

Doesn’t everyone want to live a happy and healthy life? The healthy life experience is characterized by being physically fit, disease-free and stable state of mind. However, achieving all these goals requires some severe actions. Most people have tried to invest in all sorts of equipment and drugs to stay healthy. Did you know there are many natural ways of staying healthy? With natural methods, you won’t have to buy any medication. Here are the six most critical natural tips for a healthy and happy life.

  1. Eat Organic Foods
    To keep up with the demand and rake in huge profits, most farmers are growing genetically modified produce. The tasteless fruits and vegetables that you have been consuming are not organic. Such farm produces grown in greenhouses where they are exposed to all forms of pesticides and other chemicals. This problem is also experienced on animal products. Your favorite beef or chicken could be a product of genetic modification. Some animals are even injected with growth boosters so that they can produce more products within a short time. By consuming these foods, you will be exposing yourself to dangerous carcinogenic chemicals.

Instead of consuming all these dangerous foods, restrict yourself to organic foods. They are free of all types of chemicals. Organic food is always fresh because it does not have any elements of preservatives. By eating organically raised animals, you will be safe from contracting mad cow disease. This is a health disorder that is caused by consuming antibiotics and growth hormones that were used on animals. Most organic foods are more nutritious than the enhanced ones. For instance, a study found out that the level of nutrients critical nutrients in organic meat is 50% higher than in conventionally raised breeds.

  1. Drink Water and Process Your Juice
    We cannot underscore the importance of keeping your body hydrated. One natural way of staying healthy is by drinking at least eight glasses of alkaline water in a day. You don’t have to spend money on over priced bottled water. Ordinary tap water is enough to keep you healthy. You only need to ensure that the water is clean and does not contain disease-causing organisms. Most health experts recommend that you should use alkaline water. This is because it is capable of improving the body’s immune system. A study also found that the bodies of most cancer patients tend to be acidic.

Another way of hydrating your body is by drinking fruit juices. They contain a significant percentage of water which can help to keep your body fresh. However, do not grab any fruit juice that you come across. Some can cause more harm than good on your body. Some packaged fruit juices contain high levels of sugar and taking them can make you obese. Most of them contain preservatives which can harm your body in one way or another. The safest way is to process the juice on your own.

  1. Healthy Food Preparation Methods
    Even if you manage to get the healthiest foods on the planet, all will go to waste if you use unhealthy food preparation methods. How you prepare food will determine whether you will be able to get essential nutrients from or not. Although some techniques are meant to make the food tastier, they can kill the nutrients hence making the menu to have minimal benefits to the body.

The slightest exposure to heat can easily damage some essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. For such foods, it is always advisable to eat them raw. There are many healthy ways of preparing food, and one of them is using a microwave. Contrary to popular belief, microwaving some foods such as vegetables helps to preserve their nutrients. This possible because there is no water involved when microwaving the food. Hot water can damage most nutrients such as vitamins B and C.

Other dry cooking methods that you can help to retain the nutrient content in your food include grilling, steaming, stir-frying and roasting.

  1. Meditation and Yoga
    You should focus on being healthy both physically and mentally. To achieve a healthy state of mind, you should consider practicing meditation. It has a direct impact on the state of mind and the body as a whole. Meditation helps to reduce the stress levels, improves your self-esteem, boost your concentration levels, slows down the aging and improves your immune system.

On the other hand, there are several benefits that you can get from practicing yoga. It increases your flexibility, strengthens the muscles, cuts down weight, improves stability and strengthens the skeletal system. You should practice yoga and meditation on a regular basis to derive their full benefits.

  1. Use Holistic Medications
    You don’t have to rush to the hospital for every disease that attacks you. Try to embrace some natural alternatives to medicines. A healthy diet can also keep various diseases away. You can treat common cold and flu by taking ginger and garlic. Many natural supplements can perform the work of conventional medicines. Some methods such as sensual massage and aromatherapy can get rid of some health and mental disorder such as depression, anxiety, and even arthritis. The natural treatments protect you from adverse side effects of using conventional medicines.
  2. Spend Time Outdoors
    Spend some time with outdoors and explore your surroundings. Nature has many things to offer, and one of them is fresh air. This will refresh your mind and brighten your moods. Being outdoors can also help to eradicate some allergies. By being exposed to the sun, you will get vitamin D which plays a critical role in strengthening bones and teeth. Taking a walk in the streets or going for a hike helps to keep you physically fit. The result is a healthy body and soul. While outside you will have a chance to interact with different people. This can get rid of boredom and loneliness.

You don’t have to swallow hundreds of medicines or go for painful, invasive surgeries to stay healthy. You need to follow the above natural tips. They are cost- in a friendly way and effective in keeping you healthy.

The 7 Most Important Health Benefits of Hydration

lime water

Without doing the research or looking into yourself can you really know what your body is benefitting from by staying hydrated? Even if it is common knowledge that staying hydrated is apparently one of the fundamental ways to keep healthy by why exactly is that?

It might sound surprising but did you know that most people actually go through the day suffering from dehydration without even knowing about it. This can then lead to symptoms that many people don’t realize are linked to the amount of water you consume.

sugar drinks

Leave the sugary drinks and caffeinated beverages behind and drink water consistently throughout the day to feel better and look better.

Our Top 7 Health Benefits From Staying Hydrated

  1. Stop Unwanted Weight – That is right, by drinking plenty of water it can actually help curb weight gain. Due to the fact water can boost your metabolism drinking water consistently helps fight against those hunger feelings during the day helping you to feel fuller. It is advised that the most beneficial times to drink water is 30 minutes before a meal. The body will feel more full then it actually is, leading you to eat fewer calories with your meal.
  2. Fight Fatigue With Hydration – You may be shocked to know but keeping your water levels at an improper balance can actually have considerable adverse effects on both your energy levels and overall mood. Considering your body is two-thirds water it should come as no surprise that if these levels were to drop so would your functionality. Studies show that mild dehydration can cause increased fatigue, mood issues, anger, and confusion. That is why water is one of the best natural sources of energy for the human body. Staying hydrated can also contribute to well rested nights sleep to replenish those energy levels.
  3. Help Your Body With Joint Repair – Our bodies cartilage contains high levels of water, and when the body is dehydrated this can make you feel as though your joints have stiffened. Because of this, you are creating extra stress on your joints that is just needed, staying hydrated can speed up the repair to the cartilage and therefore better mobility and less joint problems in the future.
  4. Improve Bladder And Kidney Functions – Honestly, this is probably one of the most common knowledge facts regarding staying hydrated. People that have suffered in the past will tell you that replenishing their water levels and keeping on top of hydration has solved their issues. Both this incredibly essential organs need water to function correctly, due to their nature of having to deal with the number of stored toxins and body waste without the proper water levels can increase the risk of infections or kidney stones because they are not working to full efficiency.
  5. Look Younger And Reduce Skin Irritations – Now this definitely a benefit all of us would love if you allow your body to run into dehydration your skin itself naturally becomes less elastic and drier this can then cause the perfect breeding ground for impurities and toxins causing things like blackheads, acne, and blotchiness. So by drinking plenty of water helps to rejuvenate skin cells and keep the skin looking clear, minimizing the lines of wisdom we have built up over the years. Also try adding citrus fruits into the mix, with their high levels of Vitamin C and the fact they are plump full of water is another way to help get that skin to glow.
  6. Help Eliminate Digestion Woes – Well this is probably not a topic you would usually bring up among friends, but water seriously helps to dilute waste and get rid of the toxins. The combination of both your water and fiber is what builds up your stool, and if your hydration isn’t on point, then this can lead to irregular and hard to pass stools. By merely staying hydrated helps your gastric track remain bright and clean of wasted toxins and makes life a lot easier for yourself when visiting the bathroom. It can also help aid relief if you suffer from bloating, acid reflux or even IBS.
  7. Strengthen Muscles – If you are a frequent gym goer or even an athlete you know how important your water consumption is to keep your muscles relaxed and healthy even when pushing them to there boundaries. Drinking plenty of water throughout your routines can seriously help replenish those lost electrolytes meaning your muscles can perform longer and stay stronger. Remember there is no issue in over hydrating as it is only going to benefit the rest of the body and work its way out anyway.
water in mason jar

So How Much Water Should I Be Drinking?

Honestly, there is no set amount for everyone as everybody is different. The current rule of thumb is to try and drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses (the 8×8 rule). The best suggestions and way I live by is to consume 1 liter of water when I wake up gives me a natural energy boost that you don’t get from caffeinated drinks. Carried on by a large glass 30 minutes before every meal and sips of water whenever I feel a little hungry to curb those cravings. Ending the day with another liter before going to sleep.

I hope you read some of these benefits and think to yourself to at least give it a shot to help improve your overall health. I was surprised when I first started. However, I have been doing it for several months and have never felt or looked this great.


Altitude Sickness causes, cures, and prevention

Altitude Sickness, also known as Acute Mountain sickness(AMS) is a NON-deadly condition that occurs when traveling from lower Altitudes to a higher altitude generally above 8000 feet. It is essential to learn what altitude sickness is, what causes it, how to avoid it and how to prevent it. Here you will learn everything you need to know about AMS, and how HACE and HAPE are different. We also answered some of the most common questions that we regularly receive.

Facts about Altitude Sickness

  • Altitude sickness is generally caused the decrease in oxygen molecules per breath when you go from lower altitude to above 8000 feet.
  • Altitude affects everyone differently and greatly depends on a person’s age, weight, blood pressure and fitness level.
  • Most common cause of Altitude Sickness is a minor headache.
  • Altitude Sickness is commonly mistaken or may worsen with dehydration.
  • Altitude Sickness will often cause a decrease in appetite, and occasionally weakness.
  • Altitude Sickness is more common in people who reside below 3,000 feet.

What are altitude sickness symptoms?

A proper diagnosis of altitude sickness will include one of the following symptoms alongside a headache:

Other symptoms include Lack of appetite, nausea, or vomiting, Exhaustion, feeling sleepy, dizziness or weakness, pins and needles, shortness of breath, swelling of the hands, feet, and face, Insomnia or Restlessness, Causes of Altitude Sickness.

If any of these symptoms occur it is best to decrease your altitude and see if they subside. Though altitude sickness itself isn’t deadly, high altitudes can cause Pulmonary Edema or Cerebral Edema. Altitude Sickness occurs when you rapidly increase in elevation. Generally, it happens in an individual that resides below 3000 feet.

Altitude Sickness does not occur when flying. Though you can have complications when flying, however, it is not altitude sickness.

Altitude Sickness is caused by the decrease in oxygen molecules within the body. The air below 19000 feet has the same amount of oxygen. Your body doesn’t absorb it the same when traveling at elevated altitudes.

Altitude Sickness Prevention

Descend in Elevation

The most overlooked and obvious answer is to descend to a lower altitude. By going below 8000 feet, your body starts absorbing more oxygen molecules, and you will quickly begin to feel better.

If you experience severe complications such as HAPE(High Altitude Pulmonary Edema) or HACE(High Altitude Cerebral Edema) you should descend between 2000- 3000 feet, this is enough to allow your body recover.

Pure Oxygen

In specific instances, you may want to seek medical attention for pure Oxygen. Pure oxygen is readily available by a medical professional in many skis towns in Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah.


Acetaminophens and Anti-inflammatories such as Tylenol and Ibuprofen can be used to help with headaches. These painkillers just mask the symptoms. Though they generally seem to help, better options seem to be available.

Canned oxygen

This is NOT the same thing as pure Oxygen. This isn’t the best option to help prevent Altitude Sickness and it certainly won’t cure it. Canned Oxygen will offer relatively quick relief.

Though you can not travel with canned Oxygen, it is available almost anywhere in the US. Canned Oxygen Manufacturers claim to offer 95% oxygen. The truth is when used only 35-40% more oxygen is delivered to you. The natural air you breathe only contains 21% oxygen. WE DON’T NEED 35-40%… Your body can actually only absorb so much and offering this much is just a waste. Altitudes below 19,000 feet still have 21% oxygen.

Using canned recreational Oxygen poses major health risks. Using supplemental Oxygen mixed specifically for extremely high altitudes on Mt. Everest and other like mountains is understandable.  These mixed oxygen canisters are not the same as over the counter canned oxygen.

Natural alternatives will help utilize the oxygen and will assist in most Altitude complications.

Diamox and Acetazolamide for battling Altitude Sickness

Why acetazolamide for Altitude Sickness AND Why Diamox for Altitude Sickness?

Well, these are Good questions… Acetazolamide is sold as an alternative generic drug to Diamox. These options are pharmaceutical grade narcotics and were originally designed for Epilepsy and other causes of seizures. Both drugs have been used to treat Glaucoma, Altitude Sickness, periodic paralysis, idiopathic intracranial hypertension, and heart failure.

Acetazolamide and Diamox first came in to use in 1952. It is very apparent that both of these drugs are VERY important to the medical industry, especially when used to treat deadly diseases and complications. The world health organization even has them on a list for essential medicines needed in the Health System.

So it is apparent that these drugs are important to us, are they really necessary for Altitude Sickness?

The possible side effect list is significantly more extensive than the side effect list for AMS.

Possible Side effects of Acetazolamide and Diamox are:

Death, Irregular heartbeat, Trouble breathing, Skin rash, hives, itching, Painful urination, Bloody stools, Bloody urine, Yellowing of skin or eyes, Unusual bleeding or bruising, Pain in joints or lower back, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, Dizziness, drowsiness, lightheadedness, Frequent urination, Appetite loss or a metallic taste in mouth, Numbness or tingling in hands, feet, or mouth and possible vision loss.

“From my experience and the reason Oxygen Max exists. I was not willing to take these pharmaceuticals drugs and knew a Natural alternative was an option. After years of research, I created Oxygen Max for myself.”

Altitude Sickness Natural Remedies, Herbal Remedies and Supplements

Cordyceps Sinensis

Used throughout the Himalayas by Sherpas while tackling hikes and climbs such as Mt Everest and K2. Cordyceps Sinensis research shows that it actives NRf2 which in a nutshell, increases oxygen molecule effectiveness in the body.

Ginkgo Biloba

A blind study with Ginkgo Biloba provides evidence supporting the use of Ginkgo Biloba for Altitude Sickness prevention. Arterial Oxygen was increased after 24 hours of use.

Coca Leaves

This likely won’t help anyone, as this alternative is Illegal in the United States most other countries. However, research show coca leaves is an excellent natural remedy for altitude sickness.

Oxygen Max Natural Supplement

Shameless plug, we know. Oxygen Max was initially designed to prevent Altitude Sickness. Though it isn’t the only supplement on the market that was designed for this purpose. It is the first, the only one that uses Cordyceps(Cordyceps is expensive) and it is the only commercially sold naturally supplement being research by a major university for its effectiveness in battling altitude sickness.

How to Avoid Altitude Sickness

The best way to avoid altitude sickness all together is to not go above 8000 feet.

Acclimate – Another approach is to acclimate to the altitude. To do this correctly, you do need a significant amount of time depending on how high you want to go. Travel to 3000 feet for 24 hours. Then you would actively(walk, Hike, Run, Bike) increase your altitude by 5000 feet and then decrease by 3000 feet. Do this daily until you acclimate to the altitude goal you set whether its 8,000 feet or 29,029 feet(Mt Everest).

Staying hydrated days in advance could help prevent common altitude symptoms.

What are Altitude Sickness Cures?

No cures for Altitude Sickness exist, it’s not a disease it is a situational condition that is completely avoidable. Though it is not fun to avoid it, because mountains are awesome.


High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) and High Altitude Cerebral edema (HACE) are extreme high altitude complications. In most cases, these complications do not occur. However, it is important to familiarize yourself with the differences, especially if you are planning an extended trip above 8,000 to 15000 feet distant from civilization and medical assistance.

Altitude Sickness VS High Altitude Pulmonary Edema

High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) – HAPE is a life-threatening case of non-cardiogenic pulmonary edema. It is unknown what actually causes HAPE, it can occur in healthy individuals. HAPE is the major cause of death that is related to high altitudes. Traveling to High altitudes can cause HAPE, generally well above 8500 feet.  Pulmonary edema is not usually caused by high altitudes. If pulmonary edema suddenly develops, seek immediate medical attention.

Altitude Sickness VS High Altitude Cerebral Edema

High Altitude Cerebral edema (HACE) – HACE is a medical condition that causes the brain to swell. It usually occurs in people who have AMS- Acute Mountain Sickness. If HACE usually occurs when the body fails to acclimate to the increase in elevation. Increasing slowly can help prevent HACE. If HACE does occur, decrease elevation and seek medical attention. If HACE is left untreated, it can cause death after 48 hours.

NOTE: I mention pulmonary and cerebral edema since it has been included in most blog posts I read in regards to altitude sickness. While they could be and likely are caused by the rapid increase in elevation, which is shared with Altitude Sickness. All three conditions do differ and it is important to understand the differences.


Throughout our travels well above 8000 feet, we honestly can tell you that the complications are real. We have definitely experienced altitude sickness. Most of us here have acclimated and can travel to high elevations without any issues. That being said the altitude can still slow us down. AMS is the reason Hightly exists and we continuously research the subject. We have sat in on Major university studies and will always love geeking out on the topic. Feel free to ask us anything…

Fun facts and benefits of Cordyceps Sinensis

Cordyceps Sinensis Fun Facts:

  •     Cordyceps Sinensis is a fungus found at high altitudes throughout regions in the Himalayas and Tibet.
  •     For centuries, Cordyceps Sinensis has been widely used for many medicinal purposes throughout the Himalayas, Tibet and most of Asia.
  •     Naturally, it can be found growing on certain types of caterpillars and is hand-picked.
  •     Cordyceps Sinensis is now being cultivated in the United States, due to availability, and expense of picking.
  •     Though Cordyceps Sinensis is a fungus, it widely referred to as a Mushroom
  •     It grows 4 inches long and 0.2 inches wide

Health Benefits of Cordyceps Sinensis:

Cordyceps Sinensis is used for a wide variety of health benefits and has an extensive list of claims. Many of these uses have been researched and most shown to be true.

Common Cordyceps Sinensis benefits:

Altitude Sickness - 

Research shows Cordyceps Sinensis that it is useful in battling Altitude Sickness symptoms.

Natural Energy Booster - 

Cordyceps is commonly used to increase cellular energy and ATP

Kidney Health - 

Extensive research shows cordyceps the natural function of the kidneys

Memory & Brain function - 

Cordyceps Sinensis research shows to efficiently battle memory loss, cognitive processing, reasoning skills, mood disorders and depression.

Sexual Dysfunction - 

Cordyceps nickname Viagara of the Himalaya explains it all.

Cholesterol - 

Through the liver, cordyceps battles production and elimination of cholesterol

Cancer & Anti Tumor Properties - 

Using Cordyceps Sinensis show to be effective in cancer patients and chemo patients

Immune system booster - 

Blood tests show Cordyceps increase white blood cells 74% - 400%, effective in boosting the bodies immune system

Available Forms:

  • Cordyceps is available in tinctures, capsules, liquid extracts, powders, whole and in tea bags.
  • Most common way to take cordyceps is via capsules and powder form.


Cordyceps Sinensis Dosage:

Dosages for Cordyceps Sinensis ranges from 300mg - 900mg and has shown to effective taken with Gingko Biloba


The ancient medicine Cordyceps has proven itself over the last 5000 years. Due to low side effects, it is a supplement worth looking into trying and researching. When I use it, I definitely notice changes in energy and effectiveness in my rock climbing abilities.


Oxygen Max 

Try Oxygen Max Now Risk Free

  • Prevent Altitude Sickness
  • Decrease Fatigue*
  • Increase Performance
    • ATP Performance
    • Increase Cardio Endurance
    • Increase Cellular Energy

    Foods for a Healthy Mind: The Ultimate Guide

    Memory problems go far beyond your typical brain lapse these days, as neurodegenerative disorders Alzheimer’s and dementia are becoming more and more common. According to experts, one of the leading causes of memory related issues is lack of proper nutrition. Your body needs a well-balanced diet filled with nutritious foods to feed your brain and help it function at an optimal level, yet over 80% of people lack the nutrition they need for optimal brain performance.

    While you don’t need a special diet for memory alone unless you have additional health problems, you need to include certain foods in your diet to stay in good health. By using the following tips, you can ensure that both your brain and body are getting what they need to keep in their healthiest state over the years.

    Food dos and don’ts

    Whether it’s your diet or you’re guiding a loved one to better brain health, it’s essential that you offer them with the right food choices to allow them to stay in good health.

    These tips will make the process of choosing the right foods easier.

    Include foods from all of the food groups in the meals you offer throughout the day. This includes fruits, vegetables, grains, lean protein, and low-fat dairy products.

    Reduce the number of foods you offer that contain cholesterol and saturated fats. While you need a small amount of fat to stay in good health when provided in large amounts, you’re doing more harm than good.

    Limit intake of refined sugars. Sugars are full of calories but lack the vitamins and minerals to support a healthy body and are not included in the list of foods for a healthy mind.

    A lot of people reach for refined sugars when they have a sweet took; several alternative options will satisfy your craving while keeping your health in check. Some ideas include fruit and yogurt. Opting for baked goods made with natural juice will allow healthily satisfying your sweet tooth.
    Reduce your salt intake. Most people know that excess salt is not healthy, and can even affect specific health problems, like high blood pressure.

    Rather than using salt, choosing alternative spices to give your dish flavor. While excess amounts of salt are unhealthy, it is essential that you include a small amount of salt in your diet, as this provides iodine, an essential mineral that promotes proper functioning of both the mind and body.

    Adding sea salt to one of your meals each day is a great way to get the amount of iodine you need daily into your diet.

    Correcting low appetite

    While including healthy foods in your diet is essential, some people with suffering from low appetite compared to others. When your appetite isn’t the best, you may have all the healthy foods you need in front of you, but have no desire to eat them. By finding the cause of your low appetite, you can address the issue and get your appetite back to normal. Some common reasons for low appetite are as follows.

    Unable to recognize the food you’re eating. Due to the long-term memory problems that occur with medical conditions that affect the memory, like Alzheimer’s, patients often experience a lack of recognition about their favorite healthy foods. Telling the person which menu item you are offering and encouraging them to try it is one way to get them to eat the foods they need each day.

    Ill fit oral replacement device: Whether the person tells you or not, they may be uncomfortable from poor-fitting dentures or similar oral devices that cause pain or difficulty eating. Regular dental checkups to ensure a proper fit is the best way to keep them healthy and able to eat healthy foods comfortably.

    Medication side-effects: Certain medications can cause lack of appetite as a side-effect. If this side-effect persists, you may want to look into alternative medicine to prevent this issue.

    Lack of exercise: Without enough physical activity, appetite can be affected. Getting outside each day or taking part in just a few minutes of indoor action can reverse this problem.

    Opting for alternatives

    Whole foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals offer the highest nutritional value, but some vitamins can be supplemented in your diet to improve your mental health, as long as you have a healthy diet overall. By identifying areas where you lack in your diet, or even a simple blood test, you can determine where deficiencies may occur and correct them with a good multivitamin or single supplements combined.

    Fish oil, choline, and DMEA are commonly taken in supplement form to improve brain function. Your overall mental health, vitality, and general mind frame will improve once your vitamin and mineral intake balance themselves out to create the perfect inner balance you need for overall mental and physical well-being.