Noni Fruit

Is this Powerful Fruit the Next Breakthrough in Natural Care?

When you look at the ingredients listed on your beauty products, you can tell a lot about the quality of the product. Most products today are filled with harsh chemicals, and if something beneficial is used in the product, you’ll often find that ingredient listed close to last, meaning that the product contains almost non-existent amounts of that “beneficial ingredient”. Noni, a powerful fruit known for it’s many health promoting benefits, is now being found …

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3d Brain enjoys a cup of tea

Experts Find Coffee Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s

For years, experts said we should avoid coffee because of the negative impact it has on your health. However, over the past few years experts have finally discovered the truth about coffee and the many benefits it offers. For one, coffee is known to keep your brain healthy, make you exercise harder, and provides your body will some important nutrients that it cannot get from alternative food sources. The latest study published by researchers states …

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happy female friends dancing and jumping on beach

5 Ways Happy People Live a Better Life

Most people agree that true happiness is more than a jumble of intensely positive feelings. Aristotle created the theory of happiness, which after 2,300 years, still holds true. One of his most influential works, “Nicomachean Ethics”, the key question Aristotle seeks to answer is “What is the point of human existence? Most people live their lives seeking pleasure, wealth, and a good reputation, yet while these things have value in life, they do not lead …

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Nutrition facts

5 Freaky Food Facts that Will Blow Your Mind

When it comes to maintaining good health, you know that what you put into your body plays the biggest role in how healthy you are as a whole. Yet, when it comes to the food we eat, there are many unknown ingredients found in some of our favorites that range from bug feces to rodent hair. Once you read these 5 freaky facts about food, chances are you’ll pass over these “delights” next time you …

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Reprogram Your Mind with Binaural Beats

What would you say if I said you can cure your anxiety, break bad habits, instantly relieve your depression, and meditate like a Buddhist Monk by listening to a relaxing soundtrack of ocean waves for a few minutes each day? Most people would assume it’s impossible, but the impossible is now possible with binaural beats. If you want to learn about this scientifically proven method that offers real and lasting change, continue reading and find …

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