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Oxygen Max
  • Fight Altitude Sickness*

  • Boost VO2 Max*

  • Combat the signs of aging*

  • Improve your overall performance*


Maximizing Your Oxygen Consumption for Better Performance, no matter what activity you are doing throughout the day. 

Safe, Natural Ingredients


Money Back Guarantee

 10 yo Family Company

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How it works

  • Studies show Oxygen Max ingredients may increase V02 Max and overall performance.*

  • Better Oxygen Utilization in the body.*

  • Increased Antioxidants to help fight cell damage.* 

  • Oxygen Max provides Cellular Energy from ATP rather than from a stimulant energy source.*

University of Colorado Study

The University Of Colorado study which has been funded by military in search for an answer to combat AMS (acute mountain sickness) and to improve performance at high altitudes. Oxygen Max® was tested and found it may increase performance at high altitudes and reduce the symptoms of AMS. Studies show Oxygen Max activates Nrf2 which controls the anti-oxidant defense system.

Real natural ingredients

Hightly's proprietary formula Oxygen Max has been used by 1000s of people world wide to battle Altitude and other Oxygen related complications. 

After 10 years on the market uses of Oxygen Max have become endless. We are proud that it has helped so many.

ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo Biloba contains powerful antioxidants that help attack free radicals known to cause cellular damage. It also promotes better circulation and heart health, adding to the performance-boosting benefits of Oxygen Max.

rhodiola rosea

We included Rhodiola Rosea to help combat fatigue through the production of ATP. It is a common ingredient in medications and supplements designed to fight chronic fatigue syndrome, exhaustion, decreased libido, and daytime sleepiness.

Cordyceps Sinensis

Found on elevated plateaus in Tibet, Cordyceps Sinensis is our key ingredient, helping set Oxygen Max apart from the competition. This ingredient helps deliver more energy to your muscles and changes the way that you use oxygen, significantly increasing VO2 max.


How long does it take to start feeling the effect of the capsules?

Though many may see positive effects within a few hours. Since is not a prescription drug, most won't start seeing effects for 3-4 weeks.

Can this be used for children?

Oxygen Max has been known to help people of all ages. That being said we highly recommend consulting a physician with any concerns.

What country is this manufactured in?

All Hightly supplement health products are manufactured in the US.

Will this help my Oxygen Levels at non high altitudes?

Oxygen Max has shown to be affective for many at all altitudes. We have athletes of all kinds and even non athletes that found a effective use for Oxygen Max. To test Oxygen saturation we recommend a Pulse Oximeter.

How many pills are in a bottle?

Our bottles contain 60 veggie capsules in them and, depending on use, can last 15 - 30 days.

How does this compare to other products?

Our formula is a proprietary blend of 6 crucial ingredients that have 6 shown to be extremely effective and key to Oxygen utilization. Our ingredients are also NON animal based which are hard to come by. Your health is important to us and because of this we will only use the best ingredients available to us.

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