Our Story

Ten years ago, the founder of Hightly faced a serious dilemma with altitude sickness. Adam Goodman was a Florida native, but the mountains were his favorite places in the world to be. He loved skiing, rock climbing, and even snowboarding. After a years-long research effort, Adam used his knowledge of supplements to create Oxygen Max, which is the only altitude supplement studied by a major university.

We Are

Our team of professional, unique and amazing individuals. Live every day to the fullest. They believe in the products we sell, products and design.

This love our family has for each other and the company allows us to make the best supplements in the industry.

We Beleive

From simple and effective remedies for everyday ailments to nutraceutical support for general wellness, Hightly is all about living the “high” life.

We’ve made it our mission to do the legwork, the research, and the hard work to find the elements that can help support your body. We’re here to offer wellness supplements to help you live an elevated, healthier life.