Honey is known for its health benefits, from soothing coughs to boosting the immune system, and is a common ingredient in many diets. However, a significant portion of honey available in the United States isn’t authentic honey produced by bees.

Honey Manufacturers and the Reality of ‘Honey’

Recent tests conducted for Food Safety News revealed that over 80% of honey sold in the U.S. contains no bee pollen, which is essential for real honey. This “honey” often consists of sugar, corn syrup, and other unknown ingredients. Despite the FDA’s stance that products without pollen aren’t honey, there’s little enforcement to ensure authenticity.

Ultra-Filtering Techniques and Health Risks

Many honey manufacturers use an ultra-filtering technique to remove pollen, dilute the honey, and then add additional ingredients like corn syrup and sugar. This method not only misrepresents the product but also poses health risks, especially considering previous instances where imported honey contained harmful antibiotics and heavy metals.

Lack of Benefits

FDA tests showed that a significant percentage of honey samples from grocery stores had all pollen removed. This means that consumers are deprived of the health benefits of genuine honey and may even be at risk due to unknown filler ingredients and high sugar content.

The Dangers of Fake Honey

Fake honey not only lacks health benefits but can also pose risks, especially when used topically. It can worsen conditions like dandruff or cause cystic acne on the scalp. The unknown ingredients in fake honey add to the potential health risks.

Honey for Health: Choosing Real Honey

Experts recommend buying honey directly from bee breeders to ensure its authenticity. While more expensive, genuine honey from bee farms is worth the cost for its health benefits and reduced health risks.


To experience the true health benefits of honey, it’s advisable to source it from local bee farms. Authentic honey is harvested just four times a year, so it’s essential to know when it’s available for purchase. Once you taste real honey, you’ll recognize the difference and appreciate its genuine benefits.

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